First Drop

by The Whiskey Girls

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released July 14, 2015

Patricia Santos, cello & vocals
Tara Hanish, cello & vocals
Music & lyrics by Patricia Santos
Recorded & mixed by Kevin Lacy
Photo by Joe Gessner



all rights reserved


The Whiskey Girls New York, New York

The Whiskey Girls is a duo of sweetly ferocious singing cellists,
born of finding new directions in cello. Comprised of bad-ass cellists/singers (vocellists?) Patricia Santos and Tara Hanish, The Whiskey Girls' musical collaborations are a mix of original compositions and stylized covers that meld various musical styles into sometimes sultry, sometimes wild, always intriguing performances. ... more

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Track Name: The One I Should Love
You were still here this morning
with those kisses I crave.
Now I'm cold in the evening,
but my heart's not your slave.
What a foolish mistake,
one I shouldn't have made,
to think you were the one.

Why'd you have to pretend
this is not what it is,
if what you really wanted
was to have hers and his?
But I don't need you with me
taking time from someone:
the one I should love.

Please try to keep in mind, dear,
that I said from the start,
"this may feel so good,
but it's wrong."
No more time to be kind, dear,
though you're here in my heart.
You may come on so soft,
but you leave me so long.

Oh darling,
you drive me insane.
But it's so hard to hate you
with your love on my brain.
Too bad for me -
too bad for you, too -
this is not to be,
it is not you.
You are not the one
the one I should love.
Track Name: For You
The sun comes up, kissing the river,
warming the trees, and I love you.

The wind blows through, carrying the birds,
rippling the grass, and I love you.

The moon glows down, pulling the waves,
lighting the night, and I love you.

The world goes 'round, and you live your life,
and I know what I know, I sing this song,
and I love you.
Track Name: Lion's Hair
Drum beats guide me through the sky,
And I swear it hears them too.
Views burn brightly in my eyes
As I make my way to you.

Fires surround me, the wine flows free
As over these lands I roam.
Always I feel you here with me,
Though I'm a thousand miles from home.

There's only now,
There's only here.
I hope you won't learn how
This became so clear.

Your pain and sorrow can't help me.
They will not keep me warm.
All these things you think you see
Are just fury without form.

My love, they cannot win.
They're going to let us in.
We all will learn to dare
Like the girl with the lion's hair.